GC Tech's Email Marketing FAQ

Do I need any prior knowledge or skills?

Not at all! GC Tech Email Marketing Software is designed with simplicity in mind, so we have the tools you need to easily build beautiful emails, create lists and set advanced preferences. If you ever need guidance, you can take a look at our many tutorials and resources, or contact our support team.

What if I change my mind?

If you change your mind, you can contact us at hello@gctech.my to cancel your plan at any time. Your data will be stored if you wish to use our services again, or we can delete all of your records upon your request.

Does it have Email Preview?

Yes, there is a test send function where you could send the email to your own email address to have a preview before you send out to your desire list.

What is a dedicated IP?

A dedicated IP plan allows you to send email campaigns using your domain name and your own signature. You create transparency with your customers and build a reputation based on your IP and your domain name.

Is there any report for me to refer?

Yes, there is live report too of all the information such as open rate, unique open, and bounce report.

Do I have the option to do attach file in my newsletter?

Yes, you may attach up to 3 files and maximum file size for each file is 1MB to ensure smooth sending to your recipient.

Can I upgrade my current plan?

Yes. You can upgrade your plan anytime you need. Just contact our email marketing sales at sales@gctech.my.

Can I terminate anytime?

For dedicated solutions you have to inform us as least 1 month period, for low volume solutions you can terminate the plan anytime, just contact us atsupport@gctech.my

Can I try GC Tech Email Marketing Software before purchasing a plan?

Absolutely! Please contact our team at hello@gctech.my for free trial account.

Is this Dedicated Solutions Shared with other Client?

No, this is dedicated server, which is only you and your company can be used.

How many mailing lists or subscribers that we can possibly insert?

There is no limit of creating mailing list and subscribers.

Can I insert a Link in my newsletter campaign that I wish to send out to my subscribers?

Absolutely! You can insert any URL link in your newsletter campaign.

Can I schedule my email newsletter campaign at my preferred time?

Yes, you can set your email newsletter campaign at any time that you preferred.

Can I export my report to an excel file?

Yes, You can view your statistics report and then export it to an Excel file.

Still have questions?

Contact us at hello@gctech.my and we would be happy to answer any additional questions you may have.