How to send out Email Newsletter


2. To Create Mail List please click on create new list.


3. Insert maillist name and click create.


4. Click on the mail list that you’ve created.
For demo purpose I have created a maillist named “First Test Mailing List”


5. Click on Subscriber Actions to add email address into the mail list.


6. I will choose the easiest way to import email address by using “copy & paste”

Note : If you have more than 10,000 email addresses to be imported into the
list please use file upload.


7. Copy the email addresses that you wanted to import in, and paste it into the box.

Note : Format “line by line”


8. Map the field accordingly, for now there is only 1 field, I will map it to email address.


9. You will see the result of import process.
Next, click on the campaigns buttons (on the left hand side)


10. Click on Create New Campaign.


11. Insert Campaign Name for your own reference, next select the mail list that you wanted to blast to.

Note : Campaign Name is not Email Subject Title.
Note : If you want to send to more than 1 mail list, please select the next mail list with pressing CTRL


12. I will use the easiest way to create the newsletter campaign.
“Start From Stratch”


13. Insert sender information and click next.

Note : If reply to information is different with sender information, please untick and key in.


14. Insert email subject title and the content that you wanted to send out.

Note : If you have ready made HTML newsletter you may click on the HTML button and insert it.


15. Before sending out the campaign, there is a preview button for sending preview email. If everything is fine please click on Next Button.


16. After Saved, you may choose when you want to send the campaign, I will choose Schedule Now for this Demo Purpose.


17. Here is the Campaign Report. 

Happy Sending =)